Frequently Asked Questions

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On this page, you find the most frequently asked questions about donating to our server. If your question is not on the list, please contact us! We'll continue to add the most asked questions so check back every once in a while .

1. I don't have PayPal, are there other payment options?
Currently, PayPal is the quickest and safest payment method for an automated donation. We are working on other payment methods as well.

2. I accidentally ordered the wrong package, can I still change it?
That can happen! Just mail us at or ask an Admin in-game and we will change the package for you.

3. How do I claim my reward?
In most cases, you should get your rewards as soon as you log in to the server. If you are online when purchasing, you will usually get your package within 5-10 minutes of purchasing. In case you didn't receive anything after 15 minutes, please contact an in-game admin or email us at