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Choose the server you'd like to purchase a rank on

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Welcome to the Crimson Battlefield store.

In this shop, you can buy in-game perks and goodies which you can use on the Crimson Battlefield servers. 

How it works:
In the menu you see the server names, click the server name of choice and you will be presented a drop-down menu with subcategories. Choose one of the subcategories, and you will be redirected to their shop page. If you click one of the products in a category it will show you more information about the package in a popup.

Once you decided which package suits you, click "Buy".  A popup will open again, where you have the following three options, please choose carefully:

  • Subscribe - This is a subscription, you will be billed monthly for this package until you cancel it yourself! We are not responsible if you don't cancel on time!
  • Add to Cart - This is a one-time purchase, the package will tell you how long it's valid. After it expires you will have to buy it again if you want to use it.
  • Gift this package - Choose this option if you want to gift a package to a friend, you will need to fill his/her SteamID64 to gift it.

If you have any questions regarding any package you have purchased you can contact us through discord, email or the forums, we're on 24/7. 

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